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glass ceiling facade |curtain wall glass ceiling price

 New Curtain Wall Ceilingcurtain walls glass ceiling pricePrice of curtain walls glass ceiling typesAdvantages of using Curtain Wall Glass Ceiling
glass curtain wall ceiling

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undoubtedly The Curtain wall glass ceiling is one of the most beautiful façades that these days are used in interior architecture. The price of the installation of this new construction system is very cheap. however, this system is so efficient in energy consumption.

curtain wall glass ceiling

Perhaps you also experience walk to the buildings with glass ceilings and see this ceiling led the sunlight well into the building. These ceilings have the advantage of high light reflection, but it will not damage the eye.

when you are underneath these beautiful glass roofs, you can easily look into the sky and sunlight, without being disturbed.

several companies produce and distribute these glass ceilings in a wide variety of different names, for example, one of the most famous of which is Curtain Wall.

Curtain Wall Glass usually uses double-glazed glass. Because it reduces the harm of ultraviolet light and can help to provide light.

The price of installing these glass ceilings depends on the space that is available and the design style of these ceilings.

In any case, the use of these lovely glass roofs will be very useful and cost-effective, especially in public and government buildings.

glass ceiling

 New Curtain Wall Ceiling

Our specialists design and manufacture the new Curtain Wall Glass Ceiling to cover a large part of the area and to prevent loss of domestic energy.

Among the benefits that you can achieve with the installation of the Curtain Wall glass ceilings are:

  • Avoid waste of electrical energy
  • make the interior light more beautiful
  • Reduce visibility from the outside
  • Helping to warm building more in winter
  • Helping to create more coolness in the building in summer
  • Providing a wide view from the inside to the outside of the building
  • Maintain the overall security of the building
  • Reinforcement of the building and its facade
  • Excellent resistance to temperature variations
glass ceiling

curtain walls glass ceiling price

Size, type, and application of curtain wall glass ceiling will determine the cost of it.

Some of the factors determine the final price for all types of Curtain Wall façade are:

  • Type of applied glass that is double glazed or ordinary
  • Glass dimensions
  • Building Dimensions
  • Attention to glass composition and coloring
  • The type of connection and installation that will be provided
  • Attention to beauty and pattern
  • Brand and company name of the manufacturer
  • The amount of adhesion and bonding need to be achieved.
Price of curtain walls glass ceiling

Price of curtain walls glass ceiling types

The price of a variety of Curtain Wall ceilings is excellent and affordable, Due to their unique and specific application.

Different types of glass ceilings can be categorized according to what kind of space they are used for:

  • Wall glass ceiling
  • Curtain glass ceiling
  • Silicone glass ceiling
  • Metal glass ceiling
  • Aluminum glass ceiling

Advantages of using Curtain Wall Glass Ceiling

Advantages of using the Curtain Wall Glass Ceiling, due to the different and direct application of them to making more beautiful buildings, can’t be limited to the following options:

  • Ultimately using transparency and light in the building
  • Preventing waste of energy
  • Applicable as pop-up models
  • Professional insulated
  • Assist in building energy

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