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Optical filter functiondichroic filter

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There are several optical filters in the market Which customers according to their need Can refer to stores that offer this product and buy the desired optical filter. Most of these color filters are used to control the amount of light and color of light entering the space

Use the filters in the Skylight or Curtain Wall to experience different facades with special features.

Here are some more details on the types of optical filters for those who interested in this field.

Optical filters belong to one of these two categories:

  1. Absorbent filters that have a physical function and are the simplest of them
  2. dichroic filters

Optical filter function

Optical filters are selectively transmitting light in a specified range of wavelengths, which means it passes a color While the rest of the colors, block.

These filters can transmit long or short wavelengths or a group of wavelengths and can block the wavelength longer or shorter.

There are also more sophisticated light transmission filters for example, with two peaks instead of a single band

This article was usually used in traditional design. A filter with a more regular characteristic is used for scientific or technical work.

In astronomy, optical filters are used to limit light to a range of target groups

For example, they study infrared rays with no visible light that can be used for infrared film or sensors.

The presence of optical filters in fluorescence applications such as fluorescence microscopes and fluorescence spectrometers is essential.

Photographic filters are a special example of optical filters.

Photographic filters do not need to carefully control the optical properties and the exact curve of the pass than the filter designed for practical work.

The wholesale price is lower than many laboratory filters in the market.

dichroic filter

A type of optical filter Which reflects one or more spectral bands and passes the rest of the spectral bands

While the absorption coefficient is close to zero for all wavelengths.

a dichroic filter may be high-pass, low-pass, intermediate pass or band removal Filter.

the dichroic filter consisting of Several thin dielectric layers of different materials are Refractive indexes.

There may also be metal layers.

The intermediate pass filter is typically designed for normal collisions

When the Incoming light collision angle increases from zero, the central wavelength of the filter decreases and as a result, a partial adjustment is done.

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Valid Aluminum Company invites you to buy the best products of all types of profiles.

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