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compilation façade design and implementation

Building compilation façadecompilation facade in office and commercial buildingsAdministrative and commercial designConcept engineering office
compilation façade

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Building compilation façade

The first thing that matters in compilation façade design is your taste, not technical topics. So, first of all, You need to know which design makes your building more beautiful

compilation façade design

You are looking for a building compilation facade design when you want:

  1. Your façade will last for many years and will be up to date.
  2. Having certain visual beauty

For instance, regardless of weather conditions, you will be looking for a compilation design

in Iran, the design of the compilation facade has started since the beginning of 1998. therefore From the far past, this kind of design in traditional Iranian architecture has been a part of the design.

compilation design features including:

  1. it letting designers in applying personal taste
  2. By combining multi-material, it can provide different meanings for the viewer
wood compilation façade

compilation facade in office and commercial buildings

Most compilation designs have been carried out for office and commercial buildings.

In most cases, the composite is combined with glass or stone with composite will be combined. so In this kind of design, the designer’s good taste is very important.

Designers in compilation design can use all types of materials. Depending on the geographic location of the implementation façade, the architect can use stone, brick, glass, composite, wooden facades. In other words, a proper combination of all of these materials will be great to create beauty and creativity in design.

compilation facade in office and commercial buildings

Administrative and commercial design

Usually, the designer is familiar with the aesthetic styles of Islam and Persia.

Just imagine your front view of your building and Explain it to the designer. he uses 3D-based software and will design the facade according to your imagination.

After final approval, we will start the design stages. Trust your designer to get the facade you want.

the Compilation façade has waves that make your facade beautiful. also, You can design a compilation facade with simplicity and use different materials in parts of the surface of the façade.

as you know Coordination in the design of the facades is very important for the beauty of urban landscapes. Hence, municipalities in big cities have considered certain criteria for façade designs. municipalities are a referral agency for facades and responsible for The city’s visual beauty.

stone base compilation façade

Concept engineering office

Concept engineering office in all steps of making a building is next to you. from advice on façade design, along with the calculation of the implementation phase 2, as well as obtaining approval from the municipality.

One of the features that distinguish us from competitors is the Executable projects that we give to you. the design team and supervisor and the technical director are consonant, from the design of facade to the end of the project. due to the coordination between the technical unit and the execution unit, it is assured that the designs are executable.

Usually, in the implementation of the façade, the project begins from the beginning of the renovation of the building.

in conclusion, after your request, and review in the engineering unit, architectural atelier designs the initial plane of the façade. this facade will be According to up-to-date standards, Custom geolocation, Municipality criteria, and your taste.

Once approved, this map will send to the municipality to confirm.

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Valid Aluminum Company invites you to buy the best products of all types of profiles.

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