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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Poly-Wood?

Poly-woodPreparation of poly-woodPoly-wood composite priceThe advantage of Poly-woodPoly-wood pricePoly-wood
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Poly-wood is wood-plastic composites, which executives briefly call it, WPC (wood plastic composite) in the market. These composites are made from fibers such as natural wood, plastic and thermoplastic, and a special type of powder, which is one of the newest products in this category.

Poly-wood composite price

Preparation of poly-wood

Initially, raw materials such as pulp fibers, peanut shells, bamboo shells, straw as well as polyethylene, PVC, and polypropylene from the plastic family are used. A dough-like material is obtained by combining these materials in the extruders, which is the first material of this composite.

The required product is obtained by adding profiles when needed and then, resin and composite materials, and finally placing the material in special molds, and then drying.  Factories produce and supply Poly-wood in a variety of sizes and molds by the extrusion method. You can experience a beautiful and unique environment, whether indoors or on the rooftop or terrace of houses and stairs with this product and proper design and proper execution

Poly-wood price

Poly-wood composite price

Thermoplastic polymers and wood chips that must be mixed at high melting temperatures. Then, they are processed for different applications, depending on the type of process and use, which are provided in various shapes and forms.

Poly-wood detail

The advantage of Poly-wood

Poly-wood is 100% waterproof and moisture resistant, which is also insulated against all types of radiation, radio and magnetic waves, sound, heat, and cold.

Poly wood is antibacterial, in other words, it is resistant to the absorption and penetration of any germs and bacteria and impermeable to the penetration of any acid, liquids, and fats.

This product has the least expansion and contraction in different climates.

it has a lightweight, At the same time, it is resistant to impacts and scratches.

Poly-wood is non-flammable, highly resistant to fire, and minimizes the occurrence of any type of spark and electric connection.

it does not lose its color and appearance over time and its service life is 30 years.

Poly-wood is completely washable and clean and any type of detergent and cleaner can be used to clean it.

Unlike wood, this product is very resistant to decay, although the raw material for the preparation of this product is wood. it is completely resistant to insects and vermin such as mice and termites.

It is environmentally friendly and it is 100% recyclable.


Poly-wood price

this product has a very good price compared to products such as Thermowood and saturated wood. our poly-wood has the necessary international standards.

it can be supplied in a variety of sizes and forms.

Therefore, the use of this product is very wide and you can install and use it, in places like indoors, terrace, roof, kitchen floor, stairs, and so on. This product is also applied as flooring in corridors and pedestrian pathways as well as roof garden projects.

Poly-wood is affordable and a very good alternative to the traditional materials used in construction (wood, stone, and plastic). However, it can be used for products like urban and office furniture.



If you use poly-wood for flooring, it would be highly resistant to environmental factors such as moisture, cold, heat and insect pests, fungi, and bacteria. Because of the materials that it is consists of.

In addition, you can use Poly-wood in the manufacture of gazebos and even prefabricated houses and Cabinet sheets. Since it is resistant to moisture, you can use it in kitchens alongside a sink.

We can produce this product in different shapes and sizes. It is Because of the raw materials for the preparation of the poly-wood and the method of its production.

We mold Poly-wood for use in places such as doorframes, windows, interior panels of cars, railings, fences, landscaping, façades, benches in parks and homes, and office furniture.

Since this product is a good insulator against moisture and sunlight, you can use it in open spaces such as yards, gardens, terraces, roofs, public spaces, such as parks and kindergartens and schools with beautiful and durable designs.

Of course, all of the products at Roof Gardens are made of poly-wood, which are a very good product for replacing MDF.

Since the color change percentage of this product is very low, designers widely use it in open spaces.

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