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modern façade materials

modern façade materialsComposite façadeInterior building composites façadewood facade problemsInstallation and implementation process of composite wall coverTypes of wall cover
modern facade
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modern façade materials

Given the advances in the architectural industry due to the variety of tastes and attitudes in the use and conservation of natural resources, it seems a little hard to pinpoint what is the best modern façade materials.

Since the great evolution of the architectural industry entered in Europe in the 19th century, this question answered using the latest scientific and technological achievements.

modern façade

Competition in the construction industry as well as in the sale of products has made factories some greater challenges. And These challenges are in building commercial and complex buildings and apartments, hotels, and recreation centers.

in modern façade materials, the manufacturers tend to materials such as stone, brick, cement, and so on. The modern competitive materials that entered the Iranian market, was previously used in European markets.

For instance, some of the modern façade materials that are growing are as follows:

  • Composite
  • Thermowood façade
  • HPL façade
  • Curtain wall glass façade
  • Frameless glass façade
  • Spider glass façade
  • Louvre façade
  • Decorative façade
  • And …
modern façade materials

Composite façade

Composite means the mixture of two or more materials in such a way as to form a new and coherent structure, which has a new and different character than the main constituents.

The composite facade is one of the most common and widely used facades in the architecture industry.

The composite aluminum sheet is composed of components such as compact rubber and aluminum. because of it, it has a great variety that varies according to customer demand and the type of application in the building.

An aluminum composite panel is formed by combining several layers with aluminum coating. The 2-coated aluminum panel covers the surface of the polyethylene.

Since this material has a very low mass and high strength compared to metals. Therefore, it is cost-effective compared to heavy metals for customers while having higher strength.

Because specialists perform several chemical and mechanical processes using modern devices to attach aluminum surfaces to their center. So that they become highly resistant to lamination.

composites façade

Interior building composites façade

Interior composites are one of the most attractive and high-quality wall coverings in the building industry.

In addition to its beauty and ease of installation, the interior facade is easy to transport. And most of these composites are made of resin and have different surfaces. Interior decoration, which is one of the latest interiors and modern facades, also has favorable prices.

Interior composite in different designs, colors, and models to suit any taste allows the manufacturer to choose the most suitable design.

for example, Some of them are wood design, bamboo design, brick design, and stone design wall coverings. however, The brick design is more popular.

Good cost, low weight and quick and easy installation, high flexibility to use at various levels and insulation against noise, heat, and humidity, easy to transport, robustness against impact and decay, modern appearance and use in residential, commercial, and office spaces are other advantages of this interior facade.

The use of wood and stone gave a special effect to the decoration in the interior facades of the building, which, however, was associated with problems for the consumer.

wooden facade

wood facade problems

Some of the problems of this material are its high cost, heavyweight, difficult transportation, and high cost of maintenance.

You can meet this problem by using interior composites. besides, you can make the interior look beautiful with stone and wood.

The identical appearance and color of the façade create a pleasant atmosphere. This is another advantage of this beautiful facade.

Installation and implementation process of composite wall cover

The various stages of installing and implementing a composite wall cover consist of three steps, which we will describe respectively:

The first step is to glue it to the wall where the panels are divided into required pieces and fixed to the wall using tools such as rawlplug and glue.

In the second step, the seams, joints, and distances are coated and aligned with a material called mastics. This step requires more precision.

In the third step, the painting according to the customer’s request and taste will be done.

composites façade

Types of wall cover

The various types of wall cover include:

  • Ceramic wall cover
  • Cellulose wall cover
  • PVC wall cover
  • Paper wall cover
  • Stone wall cover
  • Wood wall cover
  • And etc.

Of course, they have different prices and quality based on the customer demand and use of the wall cover.

For example, The uniform appearance, variety of color, and model are the most important and different advantages of this wall cover. Also, Easy maintenance and easy washing without any cost and hassle to keep it clean are the main advantages of this façade.

modern facade

Insulation of these wall covers reduces energy consumption due to heat and humidity. Besides, It assures the customer that it is immune to impact and the risks of caries and damage.

By easy installation and different dimensions, it can cover any surface.

In conclusion, the customer can provide a fancy and stylish wall that fits their tastes by choosing the right color. In addition, the customer can aesthetically please the interior and make facades easy to maintain by choosing the right material.

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