Profile of Bendini Curtain Wall and its sale at the cheapest prices in Iran

Profiles are widely used in the construction industry because of their high resistance And you can build modern, At the same time robust structures and building with them. Curtain Wall’s profile is an example of these products being manufactured and marketed in various brands; The “Bendini” Curtain Wall profile is one of the best brands […]

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Combined Curtain Wall detail

Curtain wall | Combined Curtain Wall System

Combined Curtain Wall System In the figure below, you can see the combination of the face cap system and the U channel. this system is a combined curtain wall system. The lower part, where there is no cap, is the U Chanel and the upper part is the face cap system. The ability of a […]

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Curtain Wall Glass Facade Execution | Performing of Curtain Wall Facade

Curtain Wall Glass Curtain Wall Glass Facade can be implemented on both the roof and the wall of the building. However, It is better to use Sky Light Curtain Wall profiles on the ceiling. Curtain Wall Glass With Curtain Wall Glass, you can have a large glass patio. The dimensions of the glass can be […]

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