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Detail of curtain wall face cap | Saray Curtain wall profile Manufactured in Iran

Curtain Wall Face Cap detail of Curtain Wall, Face Cap Curtain Wall, Face Cap is one of the most popular types of Curtain Wall Installation. You can see the Face Cap system on most Curtin Wall projects. Because it’s cheaper, it has many users, however, this way is the most robust way to install Curtin […]

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curtain wall profile sale

Iranian Curtain Wall Profile Sale

The sale of the curtain wall profile with Iranian brand is done by a reputable brand Which people have full confidence in their quality and efficiency. With this kind of building facade, while creating more beauty, it is possible to have a wide view of the outside of the building, for the customers. We will […]

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frame less glass facade

Frameless and Curtain Wall façade

Curtin Wall façade History For the first time, architects of modernity in the nineteenth century brought the thought of the first of this kind of façade. The first Curtain Wall façade was designed and implemented by the German architectural engineer named Walter Gropius. Walter Gropius called this façade the “Curtain Wall” for the first time. […]

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Purchasing direct and without intermediaries of all kinds of cheap curtain wall Lamel

Purchase low-cost Curtain wall Lamel from the specialized and official websites directly and without intermediaries at a low price. The Lamel façade, which is known as the Lamel Curtin Wall, is a very new and up-to-date system that has the most attractive impact in the building façade. This kind of facade has a high weight, […]

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The top brands of Curtain Wall façade manufacturer in Iran

All customers need to know all the top brands of Curtain Wall façade in Iran before starting to buy. This allows them to identify reputable manufacturers and thus buy good products. Those who intend to buy these products in very good quality should pay enough attention to this issue. Maybe the prices of products of […]

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Anodizing Aluminum Profiles of Curtain Wall

Anodizing Aluminum Profiles of Curtain Wall What is anodizing? Many metals tend to oxidize and a relatively stable layer of oxide is formed on them. In this layer, the oxide plays a protective role for the metal and prevents corrosion of the metal surface. In practice, by using this property, the oxide or hydroxide layer […]

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Profile of Bendini Curtain Wall and its sale at the cheapest prices in Iran

Profiles are widely used in the construction industry because of their high resistance And you can build modern, At the same time robust structures and building with them. Curtain Wall’s profile is an example of these products being manufactured and marketed in various brands; The “Bendini” Curtain Wall profile is one of the best brands […]

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Combined Curtain Wall detail

Curtain wall | Combined Curtain Wall System

Combined Curtain Wall System In the figure below, you can see the combination of the face cap system and the U channel. this system is a combined curtain wall system. The lower part, where there is no cap, is the U Chanel and the upper part is the face cap system. The ability of a […]

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Curtain Wall Glass Facade Execution | Performing of Curtain Wall Facade

Curtain Wall Glass Curtain Wall Glass Facade can be implemented on both the roof and the wall of the building. However, It is better to use Sky Light Curtain Wall profiles on the ceiling. Curtain Wall Glass With Curtain Wall Glass, you can have a large glass patio. The dimensions of the glass can be […]

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