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Louver awning sale website

Categorization of Louver awningTypes of Louver awning in the marketSpindle louversCubic louversZ-shaped louvers
louver awning

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Excessive sunlight as well as its reflection causes the facade of the building to be in poor condition. Having a good awning without blocking the view from the inside can greatly reduce the direct impact of sunlight and reduce its intense reflection on the viewer’s eyes. In addition to this, it must transfer enough light into the building. because of these reasons the best choice is Louver awning.

Many websites introduce and sell this product online directly and without intermediaries. Buying from these websites is the best interest of both the customer and the manufacturer.

Louver awning

Categorization of Louver awning

Specialists divide Aluminum Louvers into two categories:

  • Simple Louvers
  • Movable louvers

The fixed aluminum Louver model is a popular example among Louver shutters. Since it is both simple and economical, as well as easy to install and mount on all facades, including for example glass facades, composite sheets, and other facades.


The movable aluminum louver model is controlled by a controller or a switch provided to the customer.

With the various connections that it has, it has the special conditions of coordination with the latest technologies and you can customize it completely. So The cost of this type of structure is very high.

Types of Louver awning

Types of Louver awning in the market

There are three different models of Louvers awning in the market:

  • Spindle-shape Aluminum Louver
  • Cubic aluminum louver
  • z-shaped aluminum louver
Louver awning

Spindle louvers

This model of louvers creates a very delicate and beautiful facade with using of blades with Spindle-shape louver. The result of which, apart from the beauty of the facade, is also useful for sunshades.

Cubic louvers

These models of louvers are made of different sizes and their main structure is made of aluminum.

Z-shaped louvers

Manufacturers design and produce these louvers of aluminum sheets with different thicknesses.

These sheets are available in a variety of shapes using cutting and bending. Also, their greatest use is in covering parts of the facade that should not be seen.

In conclusion, To buy any type of louver awning through sales websites, it is enough to give your desired name and model to search engines to face many of these sales websites. Then buy the desired product easily and in the shortest time.

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