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Electrostatic aluminum powder color variation for sale

What is an Electrostatic aluminum powder?Purchase Electrostatic aluminum powder in bulkValid Aluminium Company site

The electrostatic powder coating system is a seamless coating used on complex shapes with 360-degree coating for two and three-dimensional parts. Electrostatic powder paint line is used for small parts, double-sided coatings with automatic rotation unit, including transport systems. Electrostatic powder paint line machines are equipped with vertical guns and high voltage generators. Non-toxic electrostatic aluminum powder color variations are free of any heavy and solvent metals so they can be fully recycled. 

Electrostatic aluminum powder color variation for sale

What is an Electrostatic aluminum powder?

What is an Electrostatic aluminum powder? The powder paint is sprayed on the desired surfaces with an electrostatic gun. The powder particles are charged in the gun and form a thin sticky layer on the desired surface. After being placed in a furnace due to heat, the powder particles are melted and then They provide a hard, durable, and insoluble coating from adhesion and transverse bonding. The particles adhering to the metal surface are baked in special industrial furnaces up to 200 ° C. Electrostatic aluminum powder types fuse on the metal surface to form a uniform, thick and durable surface.

The result is a beautiful, glossy surface with excellent resistance to chemicals, scratches, and scaling, and three times more resistant than solvent-based paints. The color of the solvent-based liquid can be affected by climatic conditions such as temperature and humidity, resulting in lower quality, lubrication, or orange peel surface. In addition to weather conditions, the painter’s skill will also have a direct impact on quality. Because the powder paint adheres to the workpiece through electrostatic pregnancy, it is possible to obtain a uniform, high-quality surface in any weather conditions.

Purchase Electrostatic aluminum powder in bulk

Purchase Electrostatic aluminum powder in bulk Electrostatic powder paints can be obtained mainly from authorized dealers of factories producing this type of paint throughout the country. Protective coatings are used to protect surfaces from destructive agents. Metal structures and surfaces are also among the items that need protection against destructive agents. Moisture is the main cause of damage to metal and iron surfaces, which causes rust on metal surfaces. Rusting or oxidation is the reaction of metals to oxygen.

Metals, especially irons, are easily oxidized against moisture, and paint is used as a protective coating to prevent them from oxidizing. Paints used to protect metals are divided into two types, liquid, and electrostatic powder. Electrostatic aluminum powder price is divided into two types, one-component and two-component, each of which is applied depending on the maintenance conditions of the surfaces. Electrostatic powder paints are one-component and are heat-fixed on surfaces.

Electrostatic powder paint is sold in bulk and in retail, which is very important in maintaining the quality of paint for a long time in bulk sales. We must always choose a suitable maintenance method for our product for bulk purchase and sale, which is why it is recommended Always choose a suitable environment for storing all kinds of industrial paints in bulk sales. Wholesale sales are often done with special conditions and in some seasons.

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