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Roll Up Aluminum shutters for sale

Unique Characteristics of Roll Up Aluminum shuttersPurchase Roll Up Aluminum shutters in bulkValid Aluminium Company site

The electric aluminum shutter industry is one of the industries that has seen a significant boom thanks to the expansion of modern life and smart homes. Making electric shutter blades is one of the most lucrative jobs in Iran. One of the factors that determine the cost of an electric shutter is the material of the electric shutter blades. Inexpensive shutters usually use blades made of scrap aluminum. These types of shutters produce a lot of noise after a short period of installation and finally separate. An electric shutter blade must be made of suitable raw materials (ie first-class aluminum ingots). For more information about Roll Up Aluminum shutters for sale, visit our site.

Roll Up Aluminum shutters for sale

Unique Characteristics of Roll Up Aluminum shutters

Unique Characteristics of Roll Up Aluminum shutters

In addition to raw materials, how to produce a shutter blade is also very important. For example, blades made in foundry workshops are usually of lower quality than extruded blades. Because these blades are under extrusion pressure and are formed by the pressure that is applied to them. Inexpensive blades usually do not have a hardening stage or the anodizing stage is not completely done on them.

After these steps, it is time to paint the blades. The colored blades of electric shutters have their own beauty. The color of the shutter blades must last for many years in different weather conditions such as snow, rain, strong sun and cold and does not change color. The color of these blades is electrostatic. Before painting, they must be washed with a special solution and thoroughly cleaned.

The old shutters were perfectly integrated and weighed a lot, creating a lot of noise pollution when going up and down, which annoyed the neighbors. In terms of security and safety, by breaking the lock, they could easily pull it up or down, and in terms of appearance, they did not have much definition.

Check automatic shutters for speed, security, appearance: These shutters can be moved up and down with the push of a button via the remote control and do not require arm force. And because the engines used by Duran Sanat are among the best on the market, the operation of going up and down is done at an acceptable speed.

Safety in electric shutters: These shutters, because they are made of first-class blades, are not permeable and have an acceptable resistance to impact and pressure, and are driven up and down only by their motor.

The appearance of electric shutters is beautiful due to the blades that can be colored. The paint used on the colored blades is scratch-resistant and water resistant.

Now, you, dear buyers, may be wondering how these shutters can be changed during a power outage. In the event of a power outage, you have two options:

  • Using the manual lever to change the position of the shutters.
  • Using UPS batteries with suitable voltage.

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Purchase Roll Up Aluminum shutters in bulk

Purchase Roll Up Aluminum shutters in bulk

Choosing the right motor according to the amount of traffic and the weight of the door: It is usually recommended to use electric motors for installation of electric shutters in places with very high traffic and also doors with large dimensions and weight, in cases where the weight and The dimensions of the door are not large and the amount of traffic is low or medium day and night. Use a central motor, which in addition to ease of installation, does not require major changes in the old shutters.

There are other types of motors that are cylindrical in shape and are known as tubular motors and are sold in different capacities in the market and can be installed in various types of roller shutters, automatic awnings, shutters, various types of windows and electric shutters. To be used. Of course, installing these motors will require more experience, precision and knowledge than other types of electric shutter motors. For more information about Roll Up Aluminum shutters price you can visit our site and Purchase Roll Up Aluminum shutters in bulk, visit our site.

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