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Curtain wall profile mullion price

mullion Curtain wall profile priceUsing a glass façade is very economical. double glazed or ordinary glass.Curtain wall glass façade can be devided into the following typesThe advantages of the curtain wall façadeThese points should be consideredValid Aluminium Company site

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mullion Curtain wall profile price

Curtain wall is used to separate the exterior and the interior of the building.

Curtain wall profile mullion

Glass façade of curtain wall is one of the most beautiful types of building facades that are produced from different components.

Each of these components is very diverse.

One of the important factors in calculating the price of curtain wall is the price of its aluminum profile and the price of building façade glass.

mullion Curtain wall profile price

Glass is used as the main material of curtain wall glass façade, which depending on the thickness of the walls, the color of the glass and the brand of glass have a high price variation.

With using these beautiful glass ceilings you can easily look at the sky and sunlight without any discomfort.

Using a glass façade is very economical.

The selling price of this façade depends on the area and the type of application.

Here are some important factors in determining the final price.

  1. Type of glass

 double glazed or ordinary glass.

  • Dimensions of glass
  • Dimensions of the building
  • Type of connection and installation
  • Brand and company name
  • The height of the building
  • Façade plan
  • Area used of curtain wall

Curtain wall glass façade can be devided into the following types

  1. Wall-mounted glass ceiling
  2. Aluminum glass ceiling
  3. Metal glass roof
  4. Silicone glass roof
  5. Curtain glass roof

The difference between a curtain wall and a typical glass façade is that if you are looking for a self-standing system and do not want to add load to the building structure it is better to choose curtain wall.

Curtain wall profile mullion

Curtain wall is much more durable than ordinary facades but the cost of installing the curtain wall system is double.

Ordinary glass façade is more suitable for residential buildings.

To install curtain wall system we need lamella, glass fittings, insulation tires.

The advantages of the curtain wall façade

  1. Lightness and reduction of load on the building
  2. Increasing the amount of light entering the building
  3. Reduce energy consumption
  4. High execution speed
  5. Providing comfort conditions for residents

The curtain wall system has different execution methods.

In the implementation of the façade of each building.

These points should be considered

  1. Building area
  2. Building height
  3. Building facade

One of the influential factors in the price and quality of the curtain wall façade is the implementation of this system.

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