curtian wall

The wholesale price of curtain wall facade

The curtain wall facade is a glass facade that has numerous demands in the market and you can implement it to any building at a reasonable price. Curtain Wall Facade is one of the most modern and beautiful building façade systems that consists of a static structure. Also sometimes specialists introduce it as a Lamella facade. The […]

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Curtain Wall double glazed window price

The price of Curtain Wall double glazed window is determined according to its thickness. The price of these products is calculated based on each square meter and the dimensions of the window are delivered according to the customer’s request. Curtain wall double glazed window production The double-glazed Curtain Wall window is a type of heat and noise insulating window. In addition […]

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aluminume fram of glass facade

Buyer of aluminum frame of the frameless facade

Frameless façade is a visual glass facade with the simplest and cheapest models that you can purchase these products. Designers use Aluminum frame as a metal structure to cover exterior facades. Also, Designers use this type of facade as one of the simplest and cheapest facades to have a uniform glass surface. All these types […]

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