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Curtain Wall | Purchasing the Glass Curtain Wall Façade

Glass façadeLamella glass façadeWhat is Lamella glass façade?The structure of the curtain wall systemPurchasing glass Curtain Wall façadeExecution of Frameless Curtain Wall
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The facade of the building forms the main part of it. Although the facade of the building was not much important in the past, today the facade of the building is one of the executive necessities of a building.

The glass facade is a facade that you must have seen in large buildings in different cities and countries. The use of this façade are increase day by day, but with more advanced methods.

curved glass Curtain Wall façade

Glass façade

The glass facade of any building is made of glass as well as aluminum lamellae, which cover the outside of the building.

Executors install this glass facade on the building by steel probs.

Because in this method, both the load of the building and the load of the facade are reduced, so it has received a lot of attention.

Lamella glass façade

You may be new to the term.

What is Lamella glass façade?

If you look at the exterior glass facades, you will see executors use different metals to put these glasses together.

In fact, specialists call these metals or aluminum profiles that hold the glass, Lamella.

These Lamellas are vertical and horizontal, and the glass is placed on these Lamellas.

curved glass Curtain Wall

The structure of the curtain wall system

Specialists divide the main structure of the curtain wall system into three categories.

  1. Face cap Curtain Wall Façade
  2. Frameless Curtain Wall Façade
  3. Semi-frame Curtain Wall Façade

Each of these systems has different methods for execution.

In the Face cap Curtain Wall Façade, the executor place the glass on Lamellas in a network-like, vertical, and horizontal way.

You can see Frameless Curtain Wall without any profile. However, if you look closely, you will see shadows like glass frames.

In the third method, which is semi-frame, one of the horizontal or vertical Lamellas is removed from the work.

glass Curtain Wall

Purchasing glass Curtain Wall façade

You cannot purchase a glass curtain wall façade without any plan. Because you first need to find an expert to design the exterior façade of the building. Besides, this person must be an experienced expert in this field.

then, You can order the best high-quality glass Curtain Wall facade online.

glass Curtain Wall façade

Execution of Frameless Curtain Wall

In conclusion, Contact us for the execution of Frameless, Face Cap, and Semi-Frame Curtain Wall façade with very cheap and convenient costs, by experienced engineers and the use of modern technology to execute the work.

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Types and examples of curtain wall construction and execution

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