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Implement Frameless Glass façade | complete sealing in the installation of frameless glasses

Implement Frameless Glass façadeComposition of Composite facade and Frameless Glass façadeFrameless glass facade featuresImplementation of Frameless Glass in DecorationMethod of Implementation of Frameless Glass facadeOther types of services available in the company:

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Implement Frameless Glass façade

for implement frameless glass, the surface of the facade first precisely meshed with 40 * 40 metal profiles. then The frame is placed inside these grids. The presence of sealing tires (tires that prevent air and water) around the frame and glass make the facade surface completely isolated.

For example, One of the benefits of frameless systems is the elegance view of the glass holder frame from the outside. Also, it is possible to use a hidden pop-up in the façade.

Frameless glass

This frame can be implemented in the form of pop-up and fixed.

In some countries, they use the frameless façade for the partitions in the interior decoration of the home.

This facade is very closely related to the Thermowood facade and has a high consistency. Because they will look so beautiful together.

Composition of Composite facade and Frameless Glass façade

Of course, the main application of the Frameless Glass implementation is initially with the composite facades.

Almost the best material compatible with Frameless Glass is the modern composite façade. Because they are in the same visual phase.

But because of poor and inappropriate implementation of the composite, people usually do not consider the composite a beautiful facade.

Implement Frameless Glass façade

Frameless glass facade features

  • Creating a uniform visual surface of the glass
  • Unlimited frame colors
  • Easy installation of glass
  • Ability to create heat and sound insulation surfaces
  • Having secret gaskets for sealing
  • Available of implementation in all-aluminum structure
  • Creating a boundary separating the facade of the main structure

Implementation of Frameless Glass in Decoration

Frameless glass is also useful and you can use it in interior decoration. But you have to be careful about the exterior view of decoration in the design.

When applying frameless glass, you must adjust the dimensions. So that your false ceiling will fit into one of the frameless profiles. In this case, you can attach the frame from top and bottom and align the back of the glass surface to make it less visible.

The one-piece glass facade, with Frameless Glass, is the cheapest type of glass that may fit your building’s facade.

Implement Glass façade

Method of Implementation of Frameless Glass facade

Drawing of Phase 2 maps according to the original design.

Perform substructure using iron profiles.

then our co-workers manufacture Aluminum frames based on detailed drawings and dimensions.

also, It should be noted that our company controls and adjust all workflows and modified it with precision tools.

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implementation of Frameless Glass façade

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